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    Available Data

    Enhance your website with automated data of the following:

    • Data on 3,000+ LBNL researchers and personnel – Updated daily
    • Data on over 20,000 LBNL publications – Updated weekly
    • Manually entered data (e.g., photos, research overview descriptions) - Updated either immediately, or daily

    General (supported in all APIs)

    • Name
    • Photo URL
    • School
    • Titles
    • Email
    • Street address (includes lat/lon)
    • Telephone and Fax


    • Narrative
    • Top research keywords (based on publications)
    • Publications (includes source, title, URL)
    • LBNL Co-authors
    • Similar researchers at LBNL
    • Websites (JSON API only)

    Search (supported in XML API)

    • Find people by name
    • Find people by department
    • Find people by faculty rank

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